audio-book Review: The Lost Mode of Prayer


I got a great opportunity to hear this audiobook again while driving back from a trip to Colorado recently. I’m SO GLAD I did. I know I was inspired to listen to this material again. I listened to it previosly a few times and never really HEARD the message before this occasion.

I got it this time, at least to some degree.

I was blown away by the depth of the content and the influence that this work is having on our collective consciousness. Thank you!

So, we REALLY want WORLD PEACE? Then we can use the technology explained in this book to HAVE IT BE SO!

Praying FOR something to transpire (more money, better job, awesome relationship) only affirms that we pray from lack and that is our consciousness.

And, when we pray with feeling and seeing it already accomplished, then we become the creators that we already ARE.

This very worthwhile and crucial-to-understand audio book is 2.5 hours in length and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Here is a readers digest (35 minutes) version of the concept.

Remember that song from the 70’s entitled “Peace Train”?

Get on board that Peace Train as you refresh your memory of it here.

And get this audiobook cuz it explains exactly how to get on that train!!!!!!

You can get this audiobook here