Print The Legend: film review

Screen Shot PrintTheLegendThis flick is so much more about how certain new tech companies start and then develop than it is about the new 3D printer revolution. It could be more realistically called “Print Wars: the battle for dominance in the 3D print market.” Two new 3D printer companies, Makerbot and FormLabs are highlighted along with two older 3D printing companies: 3DSystems and Stratasys and the battles between some of the companies and law-suits that resulted.

I was actually interested in learning about 3D printing and learned a whole lot more about the ins and outs of growing a business than I did about 3D printing.

Of course, I did learn certain things about 3D printing. Most notably is that there are several different processes for actually creating objects and you can go HERE for some basics on that.

Whether or not I will actually get a 3D printer isn’t known at this time.