Tesla: film review

Screen Shot TESLAI have been very interested in Nikola Tesla for a number of years. And I can’t exactly remember what got me so interested in him and his work.

Perhaps it was that I was so into technology.

This film chronicles the life of one of the greatest inventors, if not THE greatest inventor, of our time. He is said to have invented the 20th Century and I quite agree.

He came up with the idea of alternating current and designed the generating system at Niagara Falls while working for Westinghouse. He developed radio communications, remote control systems, neon lamps, and well over 100 patents in the U.S. alone on everything from AC motors, generators, radio, transportation etc etc and so on. He also obtained patents in a number of other countries.

A truly rich and prolific contributor of modern culture.

When Tesla came to New York in 1884 he worked for Thomas Edison a short time before the two parted ways. Edison had no interest in developing alternating current (AC) and felt that his direct current (DC) system was superior. Well, obviously Tesla’s system proved to be superior in every way and is the standard throughout the world.

There are so many things that Tesla did and even foresaw that still have yet to be developed fully, He envisioned a way to send power to anywhere in the world without the use of wires to allow modern man to have electricity everywhere Of course, this did not endear him to the hearts of the industrialists of the time (J.P. Morgan, George Westinghouse, to name a couple) and Tesla was not supported to continue this particular project.

Tesla also foresaw particle beam weapons as a way to end all wars. He proposed that all countries have this weapon to be used defensively and shoot down any planes that might attack them.

You can google Tesla to see lots of other information about him.

This film is a great way to be introduced to the life of one of the greatest men of all time. His intention was to improve our lives using technology. A worthy pursuit.

A funny aside story. I went to work for Southern California Edison a number of years ago and attended the new employee orientation along with about 30 or so new Edison employees.

The facilitator introduced us to energy generation and transmission. After the 30 minute presentation I asked the facilitator what part Nikola Tesla had in all of that.

He looked at me with a blank look on his face and asked “Who?”

I was so blown away and shocked that I didn’t know what to say. Wow!!!