Swarms: film review

Screen Shot SWARMSI watched this film last night and was totally engaged on several different levels.

This film highlights a number of different bird, insect, fish and mammal species and shows how they operate en masse. There is A LOT of awesome photography and I was astounded when I realized that a person with a camera was on the scene capturing animals that gave no hint of being viewed in their natural habitat. The photography alone is worth the watch.

And the comments about their behavior was also very helpful and I learned way more than I knew before about animal behavior.

I would like to highlight a few segments of the film and having trouble narrowing down to just a few.

Since I am a photographer, I tend to focus on the process of getting into the environment and setting up the shots. Again, I’m ASTOUNDED at the patience and skill that is evidenced in these shots. Nothing short of miraculous.

How did the camera person get so close to the ants, bees, birds, insects, animals without disturbing them. SO CLOSE!!! SO AMAZING!!!!

And thinking about the “group mind” that the animals are tapped in to is a whole other way to enjoy this film. The narrator didn’t go into as much depth as I might enjoy hearing about and yet he hinted at how the animals are so in tune with each other. I feel there is so much more to explore here and I got to thinking about how we humans are also all connected together in the Presence and how we can be when we drop all the ancient conditioning that has us thinking we are separate.

Plenty of food for thought here and to meditate on and “digest” (as Michael Brown discusses in his book “The Presence Process”

I will watch this film again just to remind myself of the beauty that is found in nature!