AQA – Always Question Authority

MeAndSignHere’s me and my sign (They Lie We Die) at an anti-war demonstration in Los Angeles a few years ago. One of my favorite “words to live by” is Always Question Authority. I have learned over the years that I need to do this to stay sane. It took me a number of years before I questioned authority on why we went to Vietnam. (And I served in Vietnam)

Vietnam was a LIE that led to over 50,000 U.S. and millions of Vietnamese casualties.

And here’s a great video that summarizes the lies that were used by our government against our own people to instigate us into supporting their war. And plenty of American citizens were killed BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!

It took several months before the government narrative about what happened on 9/11 started falling apart in a cloud of dust.

Ken O’Keefe on 9/11 (almost 2 hours in length)

The 5 dancing Israelis nearby the towers.

An architect shows that a steel framed building has NEVER been brought down by fire.

And never did believe the narrative about Israel needing to “defend” itself against those nasty Palestinians.

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel and Palestine.

This so-called “Ebola epidemic”? More bullshit, I’m sure.

 Did you know that there is a new U.S. law that allows the government to detain a U.S. citizen indefinitely without charges?

Here is a very well done video detailing a number of the insidious activities done by those who are controlling events in this world.

And, on another more expansive subject. I always had my issues with schools and education in general. It just felt wrong and I always rebelled without know why it just seemed fucked up somehow. Well, here’s some interesting information on that front.

So, what can we do to enhance our critical thinking skills?