Worst Motel Award?

I am staying at one of the finalist motels for the coveted “Worst Motel in the U.S.” award.20140622_072226

It’s called the 9 Palms Inn and can be found in 29 Palms, California (near Joshua Tree).

Here’s a list of issues:

Phone doesn’t work.


Hot water never actually gets hot and takes several minutes to get to warm.

Uneven floor in the bathroom 20140622_072055

No place to put toiletries near the bathroom sink. 20140622_072104

Scratchy towels.

No trash can in the bathroom.

The air conditioner was partially covered by the window coverings and I had to secure the drapes to get any airflow into the room. At which point, there was direct air flow to the bed which made it very cold 20140622_072018

I had to bring one of the lawn chairs inside to get a comfortable seat in the room. 20140622_072047

There are pipes and water lines coming into the room that are disconnected.


The pool is not usable.


At first I got really pissed off and was thinking of what I could do to remedy the situation. I’m attending a workshop here in 29 Palms so am not in the room very much but I wanted to get the hell out of here.

After I ate some breakfast, I realized that what I have here is an opportunity to channel that passion into one of my loves: WRITING!

So, that is what I’m doing and it’s making it kind of fun!

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