Buddhist temple in Stockton?

I have driven past Stockton a number of times over the years as I traversed the 5 freeway and may have entered the city once in that time.

Stockton was named “The most miserable city in the US” by Forbes magazine in 2011 and doesn’t have much going for it.

So, when a friend of a friend in Sacramento mentioned that there was a Buddhist temple there that was worth a look, my curiosity was piqued.

I stopped on my way back to San Diego and was blown away by what I saw.

I found the temple and my jaw dropped when I entered the gates and found a most unique display of statuary that I had ever seen outside of an amusement park. Pictures seen here!

You can get some idea of the shear scale of the statues by looking at the photo with a small child next to the GIANT reclining statue.


I will go back to that temple on my way back to Sacramento and look forward to meditating and chanting in that larger than life place!

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