The Way of Mastery: book review

Recently, while visiting a dear friend in Sacramento, I noticed this book on her table and picked it up for a look see. I opened it to a random page and started reading as I am wont to do in such cases. The text immediately grabbed me.

It was page 128. And the text was:

“Imagine reaching a point where, just prior to every action that you engage — without ritual, without difficulty, without the grand shows and displays, the burning of incense and the lighting of forty million candles and all of the Gregorian chants or rock and roll or whatever you choose, without any of it — in the silent temple of your heart, you make a simple choice:

In this moment, I am going to discover what it means to teach only Love.

It might be a simple smile. It might be to let your eyes gaze at the beauty of a flower; and say “Ah, it is very good.” It might be to eat your breakfast and actually be there while you are eating it, instead of letting your mind run off to the office. “

I so loved the feeling of the writing, with it’s sarcasm and simplicity. And I really connected with the way the author was speaking directly to me and not at me. I felt it in my heart.


I went on to read the rest of that section of the book which was called Lesson 10 and was hooked.

Having studied A Course In Miracles (ACIM) for a while, I was immediately familiar with the concept of “teaching only love”. The “voice” in The Way of Mastery (TWOM) was also very familiar to me from my study of ACIM. And yet, in TWOM, there was a different “feel” to the writing and the way that the concept was presented. I felt that it was directed to my heart instead of my head. I felt way more connected and intimate with it.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that it’s very possible that my previous study of A Course In Miracles “prepared” me to receive The Way of Mastery in such a deep and stirring way.

I had heard that The Way of Mastery was also channeled to a scribe by the Jesus personality and that it was somehow connected to A Course in Miracles since a study group I attended one evening several months ago in Encinitas actually studied both books in the same workshop. (However, at that point I felt no stirring to find out more about this new book. It obviously wasn’t the right time.)

Further research brought out that TWOM was the third writing in what I like to call “the ACIM project” (similar writings channeled by the Jesus personality to different scribes). A second “installment” in that project was given to a scribe named Mari Perron (from Minneapolis, Minnesota) and called A Course of Love. You can find out more about that work here. And I encourage you to peruse her site because it contains a number of very helpful articles on the process of being a scribe and how to relate to the text.

I have not, as of yet, been led to acquire The Course of Love book(s). I’m feeling like reading and studying The Way of Mastery is my current endeavour.

The Way of Mastery was originally channeled as three books: The Way of The Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing and then combined into a single volume known as The Way of Mastery by The Shanti Christo foundation which is dedicated to disseminating these writings. To find out more about The Shanti Christo foundation go here. You can purchase these individual volumes as Kindle files on Amazon and, to be able to get started reading immediately, I purchased the first volume (The Way of The Heart) in Kindle format here. (If you don’t have an actual Kindle, you can get a free Kindle reader program here for your PC, Mac, or smart phone.)

Having just finished all 12 lessons comprising The Way of The Heart, I feel led to re-read them before going on to The Way of Transformation; which is the second section of the book. I am really enjoying that the text and the lessons are so well integrated in The Way of Mastery. That may have been one thing that kind of put me off in ACIM.

You can view a short video which gives the flavor of the teachings here on YouTube.

And, interestingly enough, my dear friend from Sacramento is involved in a local study group that is focussed on The Way of Mastery and she was so excited that her and I can share discussions on the book from time to time.

I KNEW that I would be getting a hard copy of the book very soon. I just had no idea just how soon. ;D

As it turned out, I was attending a Radiance Sutra Jam session (more about that in another blog) the very next day after I returned from Sacramento and it was being held in the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, CA. When I got to the event I looked in the book store and lo and behold, they HAD The Way of Mastery. (I love how Spirit was so quick to get that book into my hands).

I started reading the actual book that very night!

Five days later, I had read the first five lessons (chapters) and then started looking around for a local study group.

Like A Course In Miracles, The Way of Mastery is all about removing the blocks to the presence of Love inside you and realizing your Christ consciousness. There is nothing to strive for (“striving” is just an concept of the ego). We are already perfect and by removing all the blocks and barriers that we have put up, we can reconnect with that perfect essence that each of us is.

I feel more connected with the writing of The Way of Mastery and am so happy that it was brought to my conscious awareness!

Here is a really great article discussing the The Way of Mastery and A Course Of Love which are the two sequels to A Course In Miracles.

I just add to add this text from the bottom of page 77 to give you more of the flavor and humor of the work:

Effortlessness is the way of the Kingdom. In the world, effortlessness means that you let down the wall you have built between yourself and all of creation. You no longer resist the lived experience of relationship, whatever it is — relationship with a cloud, relationship with another person, relationship with a dog or a cat, relationship with April 15th when you write your government a check. Why not wrap it with Christmas paper and ribbons and send it with much Love?

And I’ll leave you with another cutting from the text (from the last part of Lesson 6); on a bit more somber note:

In The Way of the Heart, we will speak even more directly and even more forcefully to you. For the time comes quickly when this planet will not be willing to tolerate untidy house guests that are not willing to vibrate at the frequency of being toward which the planet herself is preparing to move. Therefore, be not caught by coming home one day and discovering that the landlord has changed the locks and you have not a place to rest your head.

Rather, become the living embodiment of Love and journey with your Holy Mother into an entirely new dimension of being. And never forget to sing, laugh, dance and play along the way.

Be you, therefore, at peace, beloved friends. Amen.

4 thoughts on “The Way of Mastery: book review

  1. Thanks for sharing Eric, perfect timing for me to read this review. Learned about TWOM a few months ago, but didnt find any info/groups about it. Now your sharing has shown me “the time” has arrived for this book & myself to connect… ♡

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