Transformational Breathing

This all started for me on January 19, 2014 when I attended a breath session facilitated by Jennifer Savino. We had been friends for several years and I had attended one of her breath sessions a couple of years ago. I even attended several group breath sessions at Bhakti-Fest and Shakti-fest at Joshua Tree (CA) during 2013 and had some very deep and intense experiences. However, I must not have been ready for this life supercharging experience at that time. But that was then.

This session was held in a beautiful park in Orange County and it was a gorgeous day. Jennifer has a special skill for holding sacred space and we had about 12 or so others who attended. We started doing the breath and I started noticing significant physical experiences about 20 minutes into the session. My hands felt as though electricity was flowing through them and the rest of my body was tingling as well. Jennifer must have noticed since she came over and coached me to keep breathing and stay in my body. I was totally revved up on breath!!!!

I had no idea that I could feel that moved by simply breathing. I felt way more than I could remember when I was trying mind altering substances in my younger days. This was totally amazing and exhilarating. I wanted more.

Jennifer told me about a breath worker in my area (Encinitas) and I contacted him to find out what other offerings were available.

I was introduced to Transformational Breathing at an introductory workshop facilitated by R. Christian Minson on Feb 17, 2014. This turned out to be yet another significant experience and i knew I was called to this practice of breathing.

Transformational Breathing was developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz back in the 70’s and consists of a conscious connected pattern of through the mouth breathing and a healing method of monitoring a persons breathing pattern to help coach them to a fuller, more oxygenating breath.

BreathDeepLaughLoudlyLGI recently finished reading her book called Breath Deeply, Laugh Loudly in which Dr. Kravitz explains the method and how it has stimulated significant healing in the mental/emotional as well as the physical parts of us. You can read more about the science of the breathwork by checking out this page on her site.

You can also purchase the book on Amazon.

I have had numerous emotional, spiritual and physical experiences during the breathing sessions that rival ANYTHING I have experienced using other mood altering and so-called “mind expanding” substances. And friends of mine who have recently started this practice are also reporting the very same thing.

I have been doing two 15 minute breathing sessions per day and at least one longer session per week in a group workshop setting and my life has been transformed as the title suggests.

There are MANY benefits to increased oxygenation of the body and if you are led to find out more about this particular breathing practice, you will be so glad you did.

Oh, and I did want to mention that Dr. Judith Kravitz has recently teamed up with Michael Brown who wrote a seminal self-help book entitled The Presence Process. You can read more about this effort here.


I have also been studying The Presence Process and am part of an online study and support group of this work. And it plays so well with Transformational Breathing. I even attended a Presence of Breath workshop in Murrieta, CA (Feb 21-23, 2014) facilitated by Jennifer and Carter Gronbach of The Clearing Center and totally loved it. You can find out about their workshops here. I highly recommend that workshop.

I have also attended a second session hosted by Jennifer Savino out in nature at a park in Laguna Niguel, CA and had another very profound experience where I was able to resolve the issue of my father passing away when I was but three years old. I am still processing that breathing experience and will attend more of her sessions when the opportunity arises.

And here’s a great article from Harvard Medical School on the importance of breathing deeply.


2 thoughts on “Transformational Breathing

  1. Eric! I’m so intrigued by all of your studies in breathwork – and a little envious too, I might add! Sometimes it seems like there’s so much to learn, but there’s just not enough time LOL. Especially when you start your journey in the middle of your life!! (better late than never, right?) I just downloaded Jennifer’s audio from her website, and I’m going to get Michael and Judith’s books as well. Thank you for all your insight and sharing! Can’t wait to take your class next week!

  2. Great information, I’ve known diaphgram breathing is important, but this Transformational thing is new and sounds great. Thank you! Ironically, I live in Temecula, close to you and the places you mentioned 🙂

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