Souplantation Restaurants

I use to eat at Sizzler quite several times a week.

Until I moved to the Encinitas, CA area, that is.

Initially, I was kind of upset since my familiar lunch time place wasn’t very close by like it use to be.

Until I discovered Souplantation.

Talk about a super buffet! Souplantation has it all and even has a number of choices for vegetarians. (Well, I refer to myself as a “mostly vegetarian” since I cannot resist Thanksgiving turkey when my son, Chris, is the chef)

Souplantation has plenty of salad choices to create most anything you can think of as well as pizza, pasta, potatoes and plenty of drink options as well. And dessert as well.

What’s not to like?

If you’re a senior (over 60) you get 10% off all the time and a special price between the hours of 2 and 5pm on Mondays thru Thursday. Can’t beat it.

I’ve eaten in over a dozen Souplantations from San Diego to Santa Clarita and east to Phoenix. They are all pretty consistently good with pretty much the same menu choices.

Try it and you might become hooked……like me. ;D

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