Ikiru: film review

If you also enjoy quikry period films, you may like this rare Japanese plum about the Japanese bureaucracy in the 50’s….

It’s an artful look into postwar Japanese culture and how one man allows his imminent death transform him into the hero that was locked inside over a 30 year time span.

A notable quote from the movie gives us insight into the culture: “Misfortune teaches us the truth”.

And I guarantee that you will LOVE the party at his wake and the song that was twice revealed:

Life is brief
Fall in love, maidens
Before the crimson bloom
Fades from you lips.

Before the tides of passion
Cool within you.
For those of you
Who know no tomorrow.

Before the flame
In your hearts
Flicker and die
For those to whom
Today will never return.

Directed by Akira Kurasawa, a legendary Japanese director.

I watched it on Hulu.

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